Brought Sales Strategy and Organization to the Financial Management of Our Company

Larry brings real value to the work environment with a background in law, finance, and business and meshes those skills well. He brought sales strategy and organization to the financial management of our company, drawing on years of real-business experience in finance from Sherwin Williams and others. It was a pleasure to work with Larry on key business initiatives, including company planning. He worked until the job was done, and really invested himself into problem solving. Great asset to any team.

Forward Visibility on the Cash Needs to Support Growth and Institute Proper Management Practices

As a start-up company with staff that was focused on building the business and not experts in financial and accounting matters, we needed help in setting up systems and procedures that would ensure good forward visibility on the cash needs to support growth and institute proper management practices that would scale with expansion. Larry was instrumental in putting us on the right track, working closely with our team to coach on implementing improvements and providing diligent quality assurance oversight.

Partner With a Committed, Trustworthy, Executive Level Financial Expert

Working with Larry Pitorak from BeaconCFO Plus for about 2 years was extremely beneficial for me and our business. I was able to partner with a committed, trustworthy, executive level financial expert to help make much better decisions. In a very short time, Larry was able to understand our challenges and help us navigate through some tough challenges, and I strongly recommend.

For a Small Business, This is a Worthwhile Investment

I brought Dan Herd in to help us with some banking issues. Dan attended our Board of Directors meeting. He helped us with our financial and operational planning and helped speed up our month end closing. I highly recommend the services provided by BeaconCFO Plus. For a small business, this is a worthwhile investment.

A Level of Professionalism That is Invaluable

BeaconCFO provides a small, growing company like Vadxx Energy a level of professionalism that is invaluable. Although we are a small company, some of our financial issues have been relatively complex. The accounting/financial expertise BeaconCFO has provided us with these issues has been invaluable. And besides the obvious capabilities that BeaconCFO brings to our company, their people are a pleasure to work with and would give the firm a high recommendation.

Open and Honest Discussion

BeaconCFO Plus supported our organization to achieve the next level of quality and performance in our finance department locally but always with the target in mind to use it globally. The Director of Finance discussed with Tom Gentile of BeaconCFO Plus several functional but also managerial challenges in our organization. It was always an open and honest discussion in which we always knew the next steps and an improved way moving forward. It was clear from the beginning that their experience and expertise will bring tremendous value to the Director of Finance and ultimately to our organization. We can clearly say thank you and we are still recommending their service to other business partners and business friends of ours.

Creative Problem Solving Skills and Financial Acumen

Hiring BeaconCFO to support our rapidly growing firm was a brilliant decision for our firm. We were in a spot where we needed the creative problem solving skills and financial acumen of a seasoned finance professional but we didn’t have the budget or the business need for a full-time resource. We were fortunate to retain Steve Lash who quickly became a valued member of our team and was instrumental in guiding us through some challenging times. I would highly recommend him.

A Plan to Move Forward with Sustained Growth and Profitability

Millersburg Electric had become very diversified with everything from electrical contracting and home stand-by generators sales and installation, to retail appliance sales. With fairly rapid growth in certain areas, we were looking for some stability in managing this growth and how best to move forward with such diversity under one business banner. Larry Pitorak spent several months working with us to assist in formulating a plan to move forward with sustained growth and profitability, and further assisted management with getting the entire staff on board with the direction that ownership wanted to go. In the end several corrections were made to the direction we were going including the retail side of the business. Larry assisted us in identifying the true profit centers within Millersburg Electric, and developed a clearer path to grow those areas.

Long-Term Strategic View

I depend on Larry Pitorak’s financial and operational analysis, his insight and long-term strategic view when evaluating my start-up investments.  Larry’s ability to identify key financial and operational issues and to help develop long-term marketing, sales and financial strategies is of great value. I highly recommend Larry Pitorak as an advisory CFO.