Private Equity Sales

Specialized CFO Expertise and Experience

Our CFOs are passionate about helping business owners—with companies of various sizes and across multiple industries—succeed by realizing their financial vision and achieving ROI.

Private equity sales require a special brand of CFO: You need a seasoned professional who brings a deep understanding of financial strategy, operations, and expectations of your private equity firm as a portfolio company. The experienced CFOs at BeaconCFO Plus bring the expertise, leadership, and understanding required to support your team and put in place the best practices for strategic reporting, management, and planning. 

While you may have concerns around business continuity and a fractional CFO’s availability, rest assured that our CFOs will act as your partners, working efficiently to gain a comprehensive understanding of your company so that they can make sound, effective decisions for you and your investors. Our fractional CFOs are among the most experienced, informed, and successful in private equity sales and share the primary goal of ensuring your firm’s success. We can assist with operational due diligence, post-acquisition integration of new systems and processes, and mentorship for the management teams at your portfolio companies. 

Our private equity CFOs:

  • Are available on an as-needed basis (part-time or project-based)
  • Bring specialized expertise and experience that is beneficial to private equity sales
  • Offer a unique, independent, and objective perspective on your financial operations
  • Connect you to a large network of contacts and resources for new ideas and best practices

If you are interested in our private equity CFO services, please reach out to our team to speak to one of our CFOs.

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