Strategic CFO Services for Businesses

Outsourced CFO Services Tailored to Meet Your Needs

BeaconCFO Plus is uniquely equipped to provide outsourced CFO services to a diverse mix of enterprises, specifically including:

  • Privately held small- to medium-sized companies
  • Portfolio companies that are owned by private equity firms
  • Family office companies

These organizations benefit from the focused expertise our CFOs bring to all aspects of strategic, financial, and operational management. The structure that results allows the owners and management teams within these organizations to focus on their specific areas of expertise—which, in turn, successfully leads to business growth.


Recurring CFO Services for Privately Held Companies

Our outsourced CFO services for privately held companies are typically provided on a recurring, part-time basis. Each assignment is tailored to match your exact needs; only a CFO with experience in your specific industry or at a similar type of company will be assigned to you. Services can range from four hours per month to two to three full workdays per week. Generally, most small business clients receive services one full workday per week.

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Project-Based CFO Advisory Services for Private Equity Firms

Our services for larger portfolio companies of private equity firms and family office companies typically include operational due diligence and project-based CFO assistance based on your unique needs. These engagements usually require a CFO to be involved for three to six months on a five-day-per-week basis.

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The Commitment You Can Expect From Us

Whether you are a privately held small business or a large portfolio company, our commitment to you is the same: Our CFOs will become the greatest advocates for your success. We work to meet both immediate and long-term goals, ranging from maximizing your cash flow to helping you define your vision for success. Realize tangible improvements to your operations and achieve your financial goals with our experienced fractional CFOs.

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