Financial Expertise When You Need It Most

Project-based CFO services are typically required when a company faces a specific challenge that requires a highly skilled CFO—and that’s where BeaconCFO Plus comes in.

Your portfolio company or small- to medium-sized privately held company can confidently turn to BeaconCFO Plus for project-based CFO services when it runs into any unique or complex financial challenge. It’s in these demanding situations where our experience allows us to excel. Each of our CFOs has 35-plus years of experience, which means each has the background, knowledge and skills to become the forward-thinking strategist you need to help navigate financial challenges.

When providing project-based CFO services, our approach always begins with listening to your needs. We then evaluate each situation and determine the best way to use our firm’s collective years of hands-on experience—across a wide range of industries—to achieve a successful outcome for your company. In addition to having more than three decades of experience, our team knows how successful businesses should run. Each of our CFOs has either directly been responsible for or heavily involved in the operations side of a successful company.

Additionally, BeaconCFO Plus provides interim CFO services in cases where a CFO suddenly leaves or is required to take an extended leave of absence. In these situations, we can become the full-time CFO your company needs until a replacement CFO is identified, or the existing CFO returns.

During this interim period, we are equipped to assess the situation to determine exactly what skills are needed in the next full-time CFO, assist you in vetting full-time CFO candidates and then remain on to assist the new CFO—implementing a 100-day plan to help him or her get through the transition period.