Achieve Your Firm’s Long-Term Strategic Vision

BeaconCFO Plus provides a variety of CFO services to lower- and middle-market private equity firms. With over 35 years of experience in financial and operational management across multiple industries, our CFOs specialize in:

  • Operational due diligence support.
  • Post-acquisition integration.
  • Mentorship of portfolio company management teams.

And while we’ll become an as-needed resource for your private equity firm, our CFOs are also able to be on-site for extended periods of time. Many times management teams of acquired companies aren’t familiar with a private equity firm’s expectations as a portfolio company. We’re able to support and work with your management team, implementing best practices in strategic planning, performance reporting and financial management.

Specifically, our private equity CFO services will support the long-term vision of your private equity firm by:

  • Improving EBITDA and cash flow by actively managing working capital.
    Enhancing accountability by assisting in implementing well-defined and measurable goals.
  • Supporting and guiding the development of strategic operating plans and fine-tuning organization structures to achieve control and efficiencies.
  • Enhancing product and service line profitability.
  • Establishing tools to measure and manage revenue, sales backlog and sales pipeline.
  • Improving the relationships with outside professional advisors including bankers, CPAs, attorneys and insurance brokers.

Immediately your portfolio company will benefit by receiving metrics that accurately measure the key drivers of your company. Plus, we’ll better-define your processes and procedures, which will greatly improve operating efficiencies. Each of our private equity CFOs has one simple goal: Establish predictable, repeatable behaviors that enhance your company’s value.

As your private equity CFO, we’ll deliver exceptional financial and operational support that improves transparency, ensuring we become your strategic partner.