Fractional CFOs Serve Your Unique Business Needs

Since 2011, BeaconCFO Plus has developed an approach to outsourced CFO services that delivers both instantaneous and long-standing benefits to clients. Our immediate goal is to maximize how your company generates cash flow, which we do through the implementation of sophisticated financial processes and analytical tools. Our long-term goal is to work with you to develop an overarching vision for your company, and then help establish and execute a strategy to achieve that vision.

Our approach also accounts for the fact that every business has unique challenges. For this reason, we offer a range of fractional CFO services designed to provide the financial strategy and advocacy you need, whether you are a large privately held company or a small business. Our outsourced CFOs are available to provide their services on a part-time or project-based schedule.


Part-Time, Recurring CFO Services

Would you like to maximize your company’s cash flow? Many small- to medium-sized privately held companies benefit from our part-time, recurring CFO services to help create sustainable cash flow drivers that will lead to realizing long-term financial goals. We support and advocate for the growth of your business and provide tangible process improvements and operating efficiencies.

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Project-Based CFO Advisory Services

Is your portfolio company or small- to medium-sized privately held company facing an unprecedented financial challenge? You may benefit from the services of a highly skilled, project-based CFO who can step in to help you navigate any unique or complex financial situation. We also can provide interim CFO services in the event that your CFO has left suddenly or must take an extended absence.

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Benefit From Our Unique Approach

If you are not sure which type of fractional CFO service is right for your business, please reach out to our team and schedule a one-hour complimentary consultation. You can speak directly to one of our experienced CFOs about your current challenges and goals. Whatever the case, we’re equipped to help your company work through any financial challenge—and succeed.

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