Position Your Company For Financial Growth

BeaconCFO Plus is committed to the success of each client — whether they’re part of a portfolio of companies owned by a private equity firm or family office, or privately held. That’s why we place understanding before everything else. From the onset of you becoming our client, it’s crucial for us to first develop a good understanding of your company and its exact needs— because that’s precisely what will help us identify opportunities, challenges and the best strategic plan.  

Overall, our process includes four straightforward steps and is proven to deliver results.

Step 1: You Talk, We Listen

We take pride in the far-reaching expertise held by each of our CFOs, but our collective expertise would mean nothing without an understanding of the specific details and context of your company. To put it another way, first we listen so that we can determine whether or not your needs are a match for our services.

This initial meeting occurs at your convenience—one of our business development CFOs will meet you at a time and location that works best for you. During this meeting, that CFO will ask you to describe your company  and what you feel are the areas in which you excel  as well as those in which you struggle. Since our goal is to understand your company, our CFOs don’t show up at this initial meeting with a long list of predetermined questions. Only once we listen to you and understand the overall picture, can we begin to start evaluating the strategic and financial challenges that are unique to your company.

Step 2: We Provide a Free Assessment

After our initial meeting, we “qualify” the opportunity, or determine whether we can deliver your company the cash-generating solutions it deserves. Once the opportunity’s been “qualified,” we conduct a free onsite assessment, during which we continue to familiarize ourselves with your company’s needs.

The business development CFO who attended the initial meeting and a delivery CFO from our team of experts will meet with you and key representatives from your company’s management team, spending up to a half-day listening to their perspectives. At the same time, you and your management team will be assessing whether your delivery CFO will be a good cultural fit for your company.  

In addition to meeting with the management team, the assessment will include a review of financial, operational and other information about your company. The valuable information we gather at the assessment will be used to create a specific strategy that will detail how BeaconCFO Plus can help your company.

Step 3: We Deliver a Strategic Plan

After we understand your company’s exact needs, the wide-reaching expertise of our CFOs is applied to create a strategic improvement plan, which we then present to you.   This plan will include:

  • A summary of issues we heard from your company, including those expressed by your management team.
  • A prioritized list of what issues need attention.

A specific action plan that addresses how those issues will be resolved, both short-term and long-term.  Once we’ve  talked through the strategic plan in detail with you, we’ll discuss the specifics of the assignment, including the start date of your new CFO, the number of days he or she will be on site, etc. We’ll develop the CFO’s schedule based on your needs, the speed at which you want to see improvement and your budget.

Step 4: We Implement the Plan—Together

As you begin to work with us, you’ll immediately notice our flexibility—you and our CFO may find that the initial schedule needs to change due to unexpected or planned-for company changes. We make sure to work with everyone on your team because we understand that long-lasting solutions that help improve profitability are found in all areas, including operations, production, sales and accounting.

Throughout the implementation process, you’ll begin to see efficiencies and an improvement in the company’s ability to generate cash flow. Essentially, the financial processes, tools and structure we help put into place will act as the foundation for all other company improvements.