How a Part-Time CFO Becomes Your Strategic Partner

Are you a small business or a privately held company that is struggling to grow without the leadership of a full-time CFO? You are in the right place: BeaconCFO Plus provides part-time, recurring CFO services that maximize your cash flow, increase your company’s value, and support your bigger financial picture.

Our experienced CFOs are your strategic partners. We are here to support your vision—whether it is to grow your company, prepare it for sale, or transition it to the next generation—and develop a strategy to achieve your goals. Your success, and solving your unique challenges, is our goal.

We can help by the following:

  • Increasing the efficiency of your working capital
  • Improving your margins
  • Creating sustainable cash flow drivers
  • Fine-tuning organizational structures for better control and efficiency
  • Improving relationships with outside advisers, bankers, CPAs, etc.
  • Better measuring and managing revenue, sales backlog, and sales pipeline
  • Implementing well-defined and measurable goals

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Experience Immediate Results From Part-Time CFO Services

Even as we work to support your long-term vision, you won’t have to wait to see results. Better-defined processes, procedures, and reporting will result in immediate operating efficiencies. All you need to do is take the first step and request a consultation.

During our complimentary, one-hour call, one of our experienced CFOs will discuss your unique challenges, answer your questions, and explain our services. Complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

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