Cash Flow Management

Critical Financial Forecasting for Your Business

Cash flow management is essential for a small, or a recently established, business. If you can accurately estimate the cash flow in and out, you can support your key objectives. However, there are many things that can disrupt the operations of a business that is not actively managing their cash flow: economic uncertainty, overstocking inventory to compensate for potential supply disruptions, and overprojecting your sales. With dynamic cash flow management in place, you can protect your business.

This is where BeaconCFO Plus can be an asset to your organization. Our experienced fractional CFOs understand the value of cash flow management—and the causes and risks associated with cash flow issues—and can implement an effective strategy at your company. This might require the CFO to partner with stakeholders in your organization and use available technology to assess both internal data and external market research. We can provide cash flow forecasting on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis that will serve as a guidepost for your operations.

With our cash flow management services you can:

  • Prioritize your spending
  • Pay off any debts
  • Plan for risks or unanticipated shortages (or surpluses)
  • Achieve predictable growth
  • Operate at a profit
  • Manage seasonal fluctuations (depending on the nature of your business)

Whether you are restructuring your organization, navigating a time of instability, or launching a new business, our outsourced CFO services can be an asset. Talk to one of our fractional CFOs about our approach to cash flow management and how we can help you achieve short- and long-term business success.

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